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June Fishing

Well typical for this month is the transition time. That is where the lake is prime temperature for the fish is everywhere and the thermocline (cold water band) has not quite develope yet. The fishing is still good, they just move all over cause they can. Things are going to get awesome here in a […]

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Month of May

We have a massive amount of water in the river and the lake that i have never seen in 45 plus yrs. The fishing is still good. the only issue is playing the wind to find good water to fish. The river is at such a volume that as soon as the wind stops in […]

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2017 season is a month away (april)

This winter was wimpy by all accounts which i’m ok with. No ice fishing to speak of, that stinks. Well one thing that is good about this winter is the water will be warming up faster then normal, which in turn makes for a awesome bite in the spring. For those of you that have […]

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