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April is AWESOME

 8 trips so far this early spring and things have been rocking. The worst day was 17 bites in a 5 hr trip. The rest of the trips have been 47 to 34 bites per trip. The king salmon have showed up already, with our best day doing 6 for 9 all 15 to 18lbs. […]

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Hookedup first trip 2019

Put the boat in 4/1 in the am, all went well. Went fishing the next day which is the better day of the week. Left the dock at 10 am and returned at 2:30pm. We had over 30 bites and landed 2/3rds of them. There were smaller fish in the shallow water and bigger fish […]

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First trip of 2019

Got out on 3/14 for a 4hr trip on my friends 18′ lund. We ran 4 rods, 2 off of each side on the planer boards. That is all we needed as the fish were hungry from the winter. We got 21 for 25 brown trout. Four of them were pushing 10lbs. It felt great […]

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