Slammin salmon


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The last few weeks have been nothing short of fantastic fishing. I know , I know sounds like a broken record, let alone a pile of B.S. I kid you not that this year is and has been a wicked salmon bite like I have never seen. I have been fishing this lake Ontario since 1976. In the last ten trips we have limited out on salmon, along with browns and lakers. The steelhead fishing is just getting started. The thermobar should be setting up nicely with these warm temps. Chasing, finding, and fishing for steelhead are one of my favorite things to do. The biggest fish so far this year is still the 23 plus Chinook salmon caught weeks ago. I don’t see the salmon or any of the fish venturing to far with the bait and water temps perfect as they are. Make a call, lets go fishing. Stay tuned,,,,,,,

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