Spring of 2018


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I apologize for not keeping up with the reports in the 2017 season. Things got very busy after a rough and expensive start to the season. The 2017 was a awesome season with all of the high water we had. The fish do not know any difference, people do though. I must have had 75% of my clients ask if the high water is making a difference. No is the answer. The Hookedup boat is now outfitted with new motors, trannys, and a new back deck. Mother nature is throwing us a very mild winter this year. This tells me that with my 40 plus years that the early spring bite will be great. The summer will hold its own as usual to mother nature moving the temperature around along with the bait and fish. If things stay the same weather wise (70 degrees right now) Hookedup will be in the water sometime in march, ready to beat up the brown trout, steelhead, and salmon.  I still have some early dates open if you are interested. This is as i always say a great time for kids and adults. Till the next writing have a good one.

Capt. Bruce

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